Pilot Wooden Duck Character

WING COMMANDER - Dressed Wooden Duck

Pilot Wooden Duck Character

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Pilot Wooden Duck


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Collectable Fun Ornament

Idea gift, one of a series of collectable wooden duck characters that always brings a smile!

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Never was so much owed by so many to so few. The battle of Britain took place 1940 when the Royal Air Force RAF famously defended Great Britain against the German Luftwaffe. Brave young pilots flew Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane and Boulton Paul Defiant to battle Messerschmitt, Heinkel, Dornier and Junkers bombers in the skies above England.

  • The Wing Commander celebrates aeronautical history and would make a great present for any aspiring pilot today!
  • Ready for action dressed in tan bomber jacket, scarf and helmet
  • Interesting and fun gift for anybody interested in airplanes and flying
  • Iconic symbol of the spirit and determination of the British people during the dark days of World War 2
  • The Wing Commander makes a great talking point ornament that your friends will love!
  • Great gift for boyfriend or husband with interest in British Heros


Weight800g (approx)