Wooden Duck Character - THE OLD BILL

Wooden Duck Character - THE OLD BILL

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Police Officer Wooden Duck


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Collectable Fun Ornament

Idea gift, one of a series of collectable wooden duck characters that always brings a smile!

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This fun police duck mascot will help keep law and order on any desk, windowsill or mantelpiece! A unique wooden duck police officer. This Police office character is one of a set of unique wooden duck designs. Perfect gift for policeman or policewoman.

  • 40cm wooden duck with Police costume
  • Perfect gift for a police officer
  • Great fun cop ornament
  • Keeps the law in your office or home
  • Lots of detail with handcuffs and truncheon
  • New recruit or retiring from the force this Dickson of Duck Green is a uniformed classic
  • A.K.A the Flying Squad!
  • Attractive fun gift!


Weight800g (approx)