The Groom Wooden Duck - Unique Wedding Gift

THE GROOM - Dressed Wooden Duck

The Groom Wooden Duck - Unique Wedding Gift

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Groom Wooden Duck


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Collectable Fun Ornament

Idea gift, one of a series of collectable wooden duck characters that always brings a smile!

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Unique wedding gift both Bride and Groom wooden ducks available. Memorable wedding gift, great fun and sure to stand out as a special thoughtful marriage present. The smartest dressed duck in town complete with real fabric waistcoat and bow tie!

  • 40cm wooden duck wearing waistcoat and bow tie
  • Unique gift for groom on wedding day or wedding anniversary
  • Collectible Wooden Character Duck
  • Memorable wedding gift
  • Great fun to give the groom for stag night


Weight800g (approx)